Composer Profile

"Pure fantasy and an utter delight...she's something quite enchanting"

I am a classically trained music composer and alternative singer-songwriter, based in London. I graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009 with a Masters degree in Music Composition. I have an impressive and prolific music portfolio containing a variety of compositions for all instruments and styles. I primarily compose for stage and screen, placing music with visuals, e.g. television, film, performing arts, art installations, video games.

I have released 4 albums on Spotify that have helped create a fan base. My songwriting career only began a few years back when I required vocals for a commission, so I used my own and since then, they have become a recognisable element of my music. The term "cinematic pop" was used to describe my album, Red Brick Roads – I think this sums up my musical style quite nicely as I struggle to put it into words myself.

I am passionate about writing classical pieces with traditional orchestral instrumentation, but I also enjoy experimenting with electronics and synth. Various commissions have encouraged me to explore the technique of sound design and I find manipulating raw audio recordings with digital techniques fascinating and very enjoyable – especially working with voice.


I grew up in a creative family setting in Bristol where music consumed my ears and art flooded my eyes. I began composing music on my keyboard when I was very young and I decided to start taking proper piano lessons when I began Secondary School. This was the best decision of my life. I started to develop an interest in music for film after being asked by classmates and teachers to compose music for short films. As well as making and composing for my own film, I managed to get a bunch of films shortlisted and shown at The Watershed cinema in Bristol, one of which, was nominated for Best Film Award. My music teacher then encouraged me to enter the Proms Young Composer Competition where I was awarded with a runner up prize which meant I got to visit the Albert Hall for the first time! I moved to Oxford then onto London for university, coming out with a Masters Degree in Composition which meant I was in the best place to try and make a career in the heart of the UK as a composer.

So many past experiences encouraged me to take this musical path and to follow my dream of being a composer and I thank every single person who has encouraged me along the way.


My greatest inspiration is film scores and soundtracks. For my dissertation, I explored 'The Role of Music in Comic book Film Adaptations'. I was interested in discovering if music helped to inject the original comic book imagery back into the film and whether or not it had a musical genre of its own. You can view my dissertation here: Dissertation
Composers and musicians who are an everyday inspiration to me are; Max Richter, Jonny Greenwood, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer; and the more popular musicians, Muse, The Metric, Jonsi, Agnes Obel, Imogen Heap and Susanne Sundfor.